• IMPACT PRO WRESTLING(IPW) is a family owned wrestling company founded in 2001. IPW is the longest continuously running wrestling promotion in Iowa entering our 14th year in 2015.

  • Impact Pro Wrestling has featured many of the top names in the sport at their shows including Mick Foley, Edge, Diamond Dallas Page, Jim Ross, Jim Duggan, Scott Steiner, Terry Funk, Road Warrior Animal, Gerry Brisco, Dan Severn, Perry Saturn, Larry Hennig, Baron Von Rashke, Harle Race, and the incomparable Danny Hodge

  • In addition IPW has featured many of the stars from the Midwest who have made their marks on the national scene over the past decade including. Seth Rollins(Current WWE star) Ted Dibiase JR(former WWE star) Austin Aries (current TNA Star/former World Champion) Ted Diabise.Shawn (Koshrow) Daivari (former WWE/TNA Star) Ken (Mr.) Anderson (former WWE/current TNA Star), Thoruf Marius (current Erik Rowen of the WWE) and many more.

  • IPW has promoted hundreds of live-events throughout the Midwest.

  • IPW has assisted numerous charitable organizations in the past helping raise over $200,000 for various charities, schools and civic groups. IPW looks to assist many more in 2015!

  • IPW Proudly supports and works in unison with the Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo, Iowa. IPW has the distinct honor of promoting the annual Hall of Fame show held in conjunction with the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame induction weekend held each year in July.

  •  IPW opened the "Vault" training facility and live event venue in 2006 in Algona, Iowa. Since then, the "Vault" has become the most respected and longest running dedicated training facility in the Midwest. IPW has proudly developed/trained many of the top professional wrestlers in the Midwest today(including Nicky Free/Matty Star/James Jeffries/AJ Smooth/Ricky Love/Devin Carter). Gerry Brisco, current WWE talent scout, has sent wrestlers to The Vault to help prepare for trying out with the WWE in Florida.

troy peterson/ipw Promoter

Troy Peterson has been a fan of professional wrestling since his childhood. Troy always loved the home town product, Verne Gagne's AWA (American Wrestling Association). He remembers vivid memories of its heyday and was a regular event attendee during its dying days at TV tapings in Rochester, MN.

This love carried into his adult life when he started promoting his own shows in 2001, in Delta, Iowa.

This passion has remained as he is still 

promoting show until this very day.

 Troy hopes that some day IPW fans look back to their experiences in the same fond way he

remembers the AWA.   


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