Fundraising With IPW

"Your organization & Impact Pro Wrestling, a Winning Combination!" -Dan Gable (Iowa wrestling legend/Olympic gold medalist)

Impact Pro Wrestling has been a key tool used in various fundraising efforts for over 14 years.

IPW has helped various civic groups and charities raise over $200,000.

Let Impact Pro Wrestling help you meet or exceed their fundraising goals.

•IPW provides high-energy, high-impact , family friendly(or geared to your audience), entertainment.

•We provide everything you need to put on an event including an 18 X 18 foot 3000 pound professional wrestling ring.

•Affordable price to suit any size event

•Unique-Set yourself apart from the crowd.

•Loyal fan base-We have over 2000 likes on Facebook with fans that have proven they will travel to attend our shows.

•Contact us today at 515 306 4801